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Authentic Friendship and the Art of Braiding

by: Jennifer Martin



What if this year our kids truly knew they were good enough to be who they actually are, not some imagined or idealistic version of themselves?  

Let's be honest, we are pushing through the end of October but due to the current circumstances, every day feels like it should be January 1.  I think now is as good of a time as any to buy into my mother's mantra, "every day is a new beginning.&qu...

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COVID-19 Safety Update

by: LeAnne Gibbs



Our church is OPEN!

In the last several weeks, we have monitored state, federal and CDC guidelines and best practices for gathering in a safe way. After a lot of prayer, reflection and preparation, we are confident in our community's ability to  safely worship indoors at Tower Life Center. We’re committed to creating an environment that continues to meet all recommendations for safety. To make that possible, ou...

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